NetEase and Sanya Municipal Government Reach Cooperation to Build Metaverse Industrial Base

Chinese internet technology company NetEase signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sanya Municipal Government on December 25. As part of the deal, NetEase will set up its Hainan headquarters and build a metaverse industrial base project in the southern island province’s capital city of Sanya.

The base will be built into an international digital cultural center integrating internet technology development, digital content production, digital copyright operations and digital product output.

In addition, the two sides will deepen cooperation in interactive entertainment, e-sports, music culture, e-commerce livestreaming and online education. NetEase will provide support for Hainan’s international e-sports island plan, Sanya’s e-commerce supply chain, the online celebrity economy and e-commerce livestreaming.

NetEase noted that the company has comprehensive reserves in metaverse-related technology, talent and regulation. For example, NetEase has leading technical capabilities in fields such as VR/AR, artificial intelligence, engine, cloud games and blockchain. The tech giant has also implemented metaverse concept products such as the “Yaotai” immersive system, an AI virtual host and “planet blockchain,” a value sharing platform based on blockchain.

After the metaverse industrial base project is completed in Sanya, NetEase will continue to explore and promote the metaverse from concept to application, in order to meet the needs of real industrial development.

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On the afternoon of December 25, the NetEase Knowledge Festival and the NetEase Video Creator Conference were held in Sanya. This is one of the measures taken by the two sides to promote the development of digital cultural industries in Hainan.