NetEase, miHoYo and Other Chinese Firms Are Competing for AI Talent with High Salaries

The rapid development of AI technology in China has led to an increased demand for AI talent, resulting in high salaries being offered by companies such as Tencent, NetEase, miHoYo, Papergames, Perfect World, XD Inc. and Giant Network Group. Some game developers who previously did not publicly disclose their reserves of AI technology have started recruiting AI talent this year. Recruiters are even offering a monthly salary of up to 100 thousand yuan ($14540) for related talents.

According to a report from Chinese media outlet Nadianshi, NetEase, which started early in the AI field, has clearly defined responsibilities for the position of “AI Algorithm Platform Engineer.” The job requires the employee to be responsible for researching and developing AI products and platforms, tracking the development of cutting-edge AI technology, and implementing related technologies such as machine translation and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence generated content) technology.

In the gaming industry, NetEase‘s AI laboratory has also released new positions during the spring recruitment season in China. They are looking for AI researchers who can work in computer vision and 3D modeling fields, and collaborate with various major games under NetEase to “solve various challenging problems of AI technology in game development.”

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Tencent is also actively seeking AI talent. It entered the AI field relatively early. The “Game AI Development Engineer” role provides a monthly salary range of 30-50 thousand yuan, along with an additional payment equivalent to four months’ salary. This job includes conducting research on cutting-edge AI technology, experimenting with and developing it, promoting its application in gaming scenarios, as well as being responsible for organizing and building engineering pipelines related to algorithm training and deployment.

In addition, Tencent is also looking for technical research on AI platforms and products. The company has offered a high monthly salary of 40-70 thousand yuan along with an additional payment equivalent to four months’ salary to recruit “Game AI Platform R&D Engineers.” They will be responsible for developing a platform that provides access to game AI, which includes standardization and improving the performance of the platform. Additionally, they will construct a Saas platform for game AI.

Other companies, including 37Games, IGG, and Perfect World, have expressed the need for talents who can conduct research on cutting-edge AIGC technology to help accelerate its implementation in game production scenarios. These companies are willing to offer high salaries ranging from 30-60 thousand yuan per month to attract such top-notch talents and prepare for the arrival of the AI era.

In the field of AI voice, where strength is gradually being revealed, miHoYo and Papergames have launched their layout. miHoYo, which started early to build anti-entropy AI, is recruiting “Digital Human AI Algorithm Researchers,” with the main purpose of realizing research and technology related to its Lumi AI, including work on expression-driven emotion recognition and speech synthesis. The monthly salary for this position has reached 40-70 thousand yuan with an additional payment equivalent to four months’ salary.

Amidst the lingering shadow of global layoffs and the overall difficult employment situation, major game companies are offering high salaries to recruit talents in a rare move. It appears that AIGC construction has now entered a highly competitive phase. The rapid advancement of AIGC technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its impressive technological capabilities.