NetEase Takes on Tencent and Alibaba in Mobile Karaoke

Gaming giant NetEase has reportedly launched a karaoke app linked to its music streaming platform Netease Cloud Music. Although NetEase already released the public beta version of their new app, an invitation code is required to sign in. It is still not clear when the app will become openly available to users.

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The app called “Yinjie”, which translates to “Sound Street”, is NetEase’s first foray into mobile karaoke currently dominated by Tencent’s “Quanmin K Ge” and Alibaba’s “Changya”. The app is likely to become an integral part of NetEase’s cloud music strategy. Yinjie will be connected to NetEase Cloud Music, allowing users to sing songs both online and offline.

Mobile karaoke is becoming increasingly popular with young people in China. According to’s “Post-95 User Mobile Karaoke Insights Report 2019”, the number of Chinese users of karaoke apps in 2019 exceeded 300 million, and it continues to maintain steady growth. Currently Tencent Music Entertainment leads the social karaoke sector, generating the majority of their revenues from the their social music services.