New Adjustment to Meituan’s Retail Business: General Manager of Kuailv Division Changed

On November 20, the general manager of the Kuailv Division of Meituan changed from Guo Wanhuai to Gao Yulong, the former head of the division’s commodity department, Chinese media outlet LatePost reported on November 21.

Gao Yulong joined Meituan in August 2016 and was responsible for the financial work of the group. Before that, he had six years of financial work experience at Intel and Baidu.

At the end of 2019, Gao Yulong was transferred to the Kuailv Division as a financial business partner. At the beginning of this year, he was transferred to Kuailv’s commodity department, responsible for commodity procurement.

This adjustment marks a follow-up to the organizational adjustment of Meituan last month. In October of this year, Meituan set up a special team responsible for retail-related business. The group had five members, including Wang Xing, Founder and CEO of Meituan, Wang Puzhong, Senior Vice President of the firm and President of Daojia Business Group, Chen Liang, Senior Vice President of Meituan and General Manager of Youxuan Division, Guo Wanhuai, General Manager of Kuailv Division, and Li Shubin, Vice President of Meituan and General Manager of the Meituan app.

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At that time, Meituan also integrated the business of Youxuan, Kuailv and grocery shopping, which is taken charge of by Chen Liang, while Guo Wanhuai will assist Chen Liang in management. Integrating the above businesses is conducive to a more rational allocation of resources.