New miHoYo Game “Honkai: Star Rail” Starts Second Closed Beta Test

Chinese video game developer miHoYo’s new work, “Honkai: Star Rail,” started the second closed beta test on PC, Android and iOS terminals simultaneously on Wednesday. The company also released a trailer for the game.

This game is a new IP work within the “Honkai” series launched by miHoYo following “Honkai Impact 3” and “Genshin Impact.” The game adopts turn-based gameplay and a space science fiction background. Players will set out for a new adventure with many mysteries within this game.

The trailer and previous promotional materials indicate that the initial map of this test is a new scenario: the space station “Herta.” Different from the initial scenario “Jarilo IV” in the first closed beta test, the space station scenario is more sci-fi, so the monsters on stage use more particle effects to render the future atmosphere.

Compared with its other two 3D games, “Honkai Impact 3” and “Genshin Impact,” miHoYo has adjusted the characters’ micro-movements more carefully in this new game, and the CG effect was also improved.

According to the company’s usual practice, after a period of optimization and adjustment, miHoYo will also conduct a third closed test, and will then enter the open testing stage.

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However, miHoYo has not yet obtained PC and mobile game publishing or operation approval from Chinese regulators, which may slow down the follow-up publicity, distribution and test process to a certain extent, and may affect the game’s launch time.