New Wuling Asta Hybrid Model Released, Priced From $14,570

A new Wuling Asta hybrid vehicle model was released by Chinese automotive firm Wuling Motors on August 25. This model is available in two editions – a 2.0L DHT electric power model and a 2.0L DHT electric speed model – with suggested retail prices of 99,800 yuan ($14,570) and 109,800 yuan ($16,030) respectively.

The Wuling Asta hybrid edition is the first model equipped with Wuling hybrid technology. It features Wuling’s world’s first electromagnetic DHT, 320N・m motor and a special high-power battery with maximum discharge power of over 100kW. It comes with a special 2.0L hybrid engine with a maximum thermal efficiency of 41%. It can accelerate from 0 to 60km/h in 3.2 seconds.

According to official data from Wuling Motors, the Wuling Asta hybrid version consumes 4.6L fuel/100 km on urban roads, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 5.7L/fuel. The theoretical range is up to 1,100 km in urban areas.

Wuling Asta hybrid vehicle model (Source: Wuling Motors)

In terms of design, the Asta hybrid version combines dynamic body styling with Morandi colors. It also features ergonomic seats, a 10.25-inch high-definition center screen, a panoramic sunroof and other features. The second row of back seats can be adjusted backward by 14° with the 2750mm wheelbase.

For a worry-free travel experience, the Wuling Asta hybrid edition provides comfortable and intelligent ecological cockpit. The new car adopts Ling OS developed by Wuling, which provides intelligent voice and diversified convenient experiences.

Regarding safety, the Asta Hybrid Edition is mainly made of high-strength steel, which accounts for more than 64.7% of the whole vehicle, and it uses ultra-high-strength steel and thermoforming materials in important parts, of which the proportion of thermoformed parts is 14.1%. In addition, the Asta hybrid has automatic parking functions, high-definition 360° panoramic video and other configurations to ensure the safety of users in travel.

Wuling Asta hybrid vehicle model (Source: Wuling Motors)

On August 24, Wuling Motors released its semi-annual report for 2022, showing operating income of 6.275 billion yuan in the first half of the year, down 12.40% year-on-year compared with 7.163 billion yuan in H1, 2021. The net loss attributable to shareholders was 80.545 million yuan, up by 283.27% year-on-year.

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Wuling Motors said that due to the continuous tightening of chip supply and the impact of pandemic control measures, the automotive industry in China faced the dual challenges of supply disruption and weakening market demand. The company experienced a decline in production and sales volume in the automotive industry during the first half of 2022. The three main businesses of automotive powertrains, automotive components and commercial vehicles all suffered declines of varying degrees during the period.