Newborn Town Launches Video Social Networking NFTs

Newborn Town, a global social networking company headquartered in Beijing, recently launched the world’s first video-based social networking digital collectibles – “YUMY QUEEN 2021 NFTs” – released by its user community organization, “Yumy Queen DAO.” Yumy, a dating app operated by Newborn Town, previously underwent alpha testing for a metaverse feature called Meta Town.

The new collectibles comprise medals of honor corresponding to influencers who ranked in the top 100 on Yumy during 2021. In addition, the digital collectibles are created based on user content within the Yumy platform, and its ownership and value belong entirely to users.

Each NFT is a limited and unique digital collectible, adopting the image of an influencer as its main feature, while corresponding user attributes, such as name, user ID, country of origin and horoscope will be cast on a decentralized blockchain that is open, transparent and unchangeable.

In addition, fans with the NFTs will enjoy social interaction priorities to corresponding influencers, such as video calls, customized gifts, access to exclusive content and online alerts.

Exploring the new fan economy through innovative methods such as added value can activate content creators with the incentive mechanism. Newborn Town is encouraging users to produce more interesting, unique and valuable high-quality content, thus building a positive and high-value platform content ecosystem.

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Li Ping, CEO of Newborn Town, added that “The Web 3.0 era is approaching. Our company will try to construct a decentralized underlying network and develop purer metaverse apps, to allow users to fully or largely control their own data and content, and to make the value they create more sustainable by means of encrypted digital products.”