Newsletter: After Moon Landing China is Now Aiming for Mars 2020

Here’s this week’s roundup of China tech stories.

China is setting up increasingly ambitious goals regarding space exploration. After Chang’e 4 landed on the far side of the moon on Jan. 3, the country is already planning its next space excursion — Mars 2020.

2018 has been a turbulent year for tech companies across China. Throughout 2018, Pandaily has followed China’s most influential tech companies closely. Using data collected by Pandata and other sources, we’ve compiled a list of who we think are the most successful firms that have gone global in 2018.

For the past couple of weeks, the artistic film named Long Day’s Journey into the Night, with the literal translation “last night on earth“, has become a huge hit. The biggest marketing gimmick of the film was the slogan “embrace the new year with a kiss“, as numerous Chinese couples flooded the cinema, joining the on-screen protagonists in kissing when the clock struck twelve.

With the Chinese New Year coming up, a vast majority of Chinese migrant workers are fighting to return home. On average, over 13.3 million train tickets were sold per day. And many travelers had to resort to swindlers in order to get a ticket home.

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