Newsletter: “I Don’t Want to Discuss Sex Openly in China”

Here is this week’s roundup of China tech stories.

Sex has always been a topic of taboo for the Chinese. Compared to western societies, Chinese would tend to stay away from openly discussing the taboo subject. This timid characteristic has its roots in China’s education system, family traditions, and historical developments. Why is sex such a discreet topic for the Chinese for centuries?

The domestic violence and drug scandals keep shaking the Chinese entertainment business. Why did some Chinese celebrities fail to shoulder their social responsibilities?

The first gene-edited babies in China have triggered deep ethical discussions. Some say it is against natural selection, and would trigger social polarization in the future.

The ongoing U.S.-China trade war seems to be cooling down. Xi Jinping, President of China met with U.S. President Donald Trump after the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Dec. 1, during which the two leaders reached a consensus on a temporary truce of the trade war.

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Editor’s Pick

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Gene-edited Babies: Against Natural Evolution and Free Will

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China and U.S. Trade War

China and U.S. Reached Consensus for a Temporary Truce of the Trade War

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New Zealand Rejects Huawei’s 5G Proposal Due to National Security Concerns

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Market Briefings


Blockchain Startup EVAIO to Invest $900 Million in Faraday Future

Xiaomi Tops Q3 Global Wearable Shipments

Xiaomi Expands AIoT Partnership into Home, Hotel and Automobile Services

New Releases


DJI Releases Osmo Pocket — Hybrid of Drone and GoPro

Lenovo Confirmed a Dec. 6 Release for Z5s

OPPO Joins 5G Race Through World’s First 5G WeChat Video Call