NFT Analytics Platform Zash Partners With Binance to Launch NFT Data Products

UK-based NFT analytics platform Zash has partnered with Binance, the world leading crypto exchange, to launch a suite of enterprise data products that will serve the rapidly growing NFT market, an August 16 announcement showed.

Zash provides enterprise-grade on-chain and social NFT intelligence to facilitate data-informed decisions. Zash’s multi-chain NFT data product will support Binance in unleashing the power of NFT data.

NFTs are evolving beyond digital art. Creators and consumer brands are experimenting with the new asset class, uncovering means to connect with communities, aid marketing strategies and synthesise revenue streams. The newfound technology is finding use cases in a wide range of industries, including music, entertainment, sports, events, and fashion.

Zash claims to be the read middleware for the blockchain, having launched a multi-chain NFT data API which converts convoluted transactions into insights. Zash does away with the long mix of addresses and convoluted transactions on chain and fragmented social media data presented in an easily digestible format, empowering users to make well-reasoned and informed decisions.

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Zash has been working closely with Binance since the start of 2022. The team is also in conversation with other major exchanges, marketplaces, collections to extend the reach of their data product offerings. It will be expanding to new verticals with a range of new product features, such as community mapping and predictive intelligence.