NIO ES6 Pure Electric SUV with A 150kWh Battery Pack Will Be Launched This Month

NIO released the ES6 all-electric SUV in May this year. The 75kWh battery version (490 kilometers) is priced at ¥368,000 ($51,000), while the 100kWh battery version (625 kilometers) is priced at ¥426,000 ($59,000). They also announced that a 150kWh battery pack (930 kilometers) will be launched in July.

NIO recently updated the user manual for the ES6 vehicle and released more information about the 150 kWh battery pack. The weight of the 150 kWh battery pack is 575 kilograms, which is 3.6% heavier than the 100 kWh battery (555 kilograms).

The battery pack contains 384 cells, which is higher than the 96 cells in the 100kWh battery pack provided by CATL. The energy density of the battery is 360 Wh/kg. The rated voltage of the battery is 3.31 V and the rated capacity is 110 Ah.

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Like other battery packs from CATL, the dimensions of the 150kWh battery pack are 2062mm in length, 1539mm in width, and 185.6mm in height.

NIO, during the NIO Day 2020 event on January 9th, launched its flagship sedan, the NIO ET7, and introduced a 150 kWh semi-solid-state battery. It claims that this will enable the vehicle to have a range of over 1000 kilometers. The new Nio ES6 SUV can travel up to 930 kilometers when equipped with a 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Due to higher wind resistance, SUVs generally have higher energy consumption compared to sedans.