NIO Files Trademark Application for In-House Chips, Mass Production Set for This Month

NIO is applying to register “NIO Yang Jian” as a trademark for its self-developed chip.

At the 2023 NIO Innovation Technology Day held last month, NIO CEO William Li announced that the company’s first self-developed chip will be mass-produced in October. It will be the industry’s first self-developed laser radar control chip, named “Yang Jian” in Chinese.

According to the website of the Trademark Office of the National Intellectual Property Administration, NIO Automobile Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. submitted a registration application for “NIO Yang Jian” on September 21, 2023. The international classification is scientific instruments, and the current status of the trademark is awaiting substantive examination.

It is worth mentioning that NIO has included multiple subcategories into this trademark, such as computer software, chatbot software for simulated conversations, central processing units (CPUs), software facilitating human-computer interaction, AI-based interactive software, smart glasses (data processing), operating system programs, interactive computer systemsm, etc., preparing in advance for the application of the name “NIO Yang Jian” in other fields.

According to earlier media reports, NIO‘s Yang Jian chip adopts an 8-core CPU, with 8 sampling channels and a 9-bit sampling depth. The sampling rate reaches 1GHz, claiming to have a “50% reduction in power consumption, 30% reduction in latency, and the ability to process 8 million points per second”.

Through the optimization of point cloud processing delay, NIO‘s “Yang Jian” chip aims to achieve faster functional response with a point cloud processing capacity of 8m points per second. It can simultaneously receive raw data and point cloud data, providing better data closed-loop iteration for the entire system.

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