NIO Ready to Deliver the ES8 Electric Vehicles, China’s Answer to Tesla Model X

Electric car startup NIO announced the official delivery of its second batch of ES8 on June 28, which was the first time the company has delivered vehicles to consumers in the market.

Image Source: Shanghai Observer.

On May 31, NIO announced that it already delivered 10 vehicles to its first batch of users who are NIO staff, including co-founder Qin Lihong and the product manger Li Tianshu. The completion of this internal delivery , however, was far from dispelling public doubts about the manufacturing ability of NIO.

Keys of NIO ES8. Image Source: Shanghai Observer.

Founded in November 2014 by a group of Internet entrepreneurs, NIO, whose Chinese name “Weilai” means “Blue Sky Coming”, has been one of the most prominent EV companies in China. It has R&D, design, manufacturing and user service centers in Shanghai, Beijing, San Jose, Munich, London, and fourteen other locations. The NIO ES8 has been referred to the competition to the Tesla Model X by Bloomberg.

NIO ES8. Image Source: Shanghai Observer.
Charging Station of NIO ES8. Image Source: Shanghai Observer.

According to the new schedule, NIO is expected to undergo a climb in manufacturing capacities in August and complete the delivery of 10,000 ES8 vehicles by the end of September.

William Li, Fourder and Chairman of NIO. Image Source: The Beijing News.

At a regional forum of an annual conference for China’s star enterprises William Li said that the NIO is “not a PowerPoint presentation car company.”

“We have already started to deliver,” said the founder of NIO, ending his speech at the forum in Guangzhou, South China.

NIO ES8. Image Source: Shanghai Observer.

Featured Image Source: NIO Website.