Nio Releases Assisted Driving Safety Tests to Car Owners

Electric car firm Nio Inc. has sent a “Nio Pilot exam” through its official app, which includes a six-minute video and ten Q&As, Chinese media Kuaikeji reported on Tuesday. Users are awarded 200 points for correct answers, which can be exchanged for goods or discounts in the Nio app, worth about 20 yuan ($3.09).

Previously, in the wake of a high-profile car accident, Nio and its NOP assisted driving system have been debated heatedly by Chinese netizens. Therefore, the recent push about the firm’s NOP Pilot is regarded as urgent by Nio after an “entrepreneur died in an ES8 car accident.” The company also intends to teach car owners to better understand usage and limitations of the assisted driving system by answering questions in the exam.

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The video clearly points out that with the NOP Pilot function switched on, if there is a vehicle or stationary object in front, sudden braking of the vehicle in front, sudden lane change of the vehicle in front, sudden lane change of the side car in close proximity and partial invasion of this lane by trucks or buses, there is still a risk of collision and the Pilot system may not be able to slow down in time, requiring the driver to brake and take over the vehicle immediately.

In case of rain, snow, fog and other bad weather, or sharp bends, blurred and messy lane lines, the driver must take control of the vehicle and not depend solely on the Pilot function.

Chinese media outlet Hexun reported that Tesla, Xpeng Motors and other carmakers also launched exams or training material on vehicle use.

In May this year, reports surfaced that Tesla had launched a “car owner test.” The American carmaker subsequently responded that the activity was only “optional” to enrich the delivery experience, that they would not force any car owners to participate in the test, and there was no score requirement.