NIO Signs Cooperation Deal with Shell to Build 100 Battery Swap Facilities in China by 2025

Chinese EV maker NIO announced on Thursday that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shell. The two sides will cooperate in the field of electric vehicle energy on a global scale.

According to the agreement, NIO and Shell will jointly build and operate charging and battery swap facilities around the world. The companies plan to install 100 battery swap stations in China by 2025 and to operate pilot stations in Europe starting in 2022. Shell’s charging network in Europe will also be available to NIO users, according to one NIO press release.

At the same time, NIO and Shell will continue to explore more opportunities for collaboration on battery asset management, fleet management, membership systems, home charging services, advanced battery charging and swap technology development. The companies will also look to build charging facilities in China.

As the world’s largest gasoline retailer, Shell is committed to being one of the world’s leading providers of fuel services, and new energy power is one part of those services. NIO is an intelligent electric vehicle company, which started delivering electric vehicles in China in 2018, entered the Norwegian market in 2021, and is to start sales and services in more European countries in 2022. The two companies will work together to leverage each other’s strengths and contribute to the growth of the smart electric vehicle industry.

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“Decarbonization is a common global challenge, one which requires extensive and multi-faceted global solutions. This cooperation means that we’ll offer Shell Recharge high-speed charging at NIO locations and make battery swapping available at convenient Shell locations while also offering NIO customers our best home and business charging solutions,” said István Kapitány, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility.