NIU Enters European Market with Two All-New Scooters

NIU has launched two all-new scooters, the M+ and N-GT in the Louvre Museum, Paris, on June 12. The scooters that have been specifically customized for the European market feature an enhanced riding experience with better safety aids.

The M+ has an increased wheelbase of the car body in order to accommodate the intelligent electric pedal installed and enhance the user’s riding experience. As an upgraded version of the M1, the new M-series product has a lighter and stronger trussed frame, integrated mosaic body parts, and front and rear hydraulic damping systems.

M+ – NIU Electric Scooter

In line with the changes in body shape, M+ now has a raised seat to maintain very precise leg and arm angles to make riding more comfortable. Additionally, it has an increased storage area together with a 360° lighting system as safety precaution. NIU knows that battery life has always been the focus of electric vehicle users, so the new M+ is equipped with a Panasonic 18650 battery and has a maximum capacity of 48V 42Ah – this supports a maximum of 130km riding distance. The intelligent battery management system can even provide comprehensive protection measures against over-current, over-charge, over-discharge, and temperature regulation just to name a few.

Taillights of M+
M+ is available in 4 distinct colors

The most remarkable feature is the M+ intelligent brain. Recently upgraded to Version 3, CLOUD ECU can be interconnected with sensors in 13 parts throughout the car body, and will be rapidly and consistently collecting and analyzing vehicle information. This will be fully implemented on the NIU app for users to control through a remote. The scooter is available in red, white, blue and silver and the price in Europe starts from 2,599 euros ($3052.6).

N-GT – NIU Electric Scooter

The other electric scooter, the N-GT, has more power and performs as a personal vehicle within 10km rides in the city. N-GT has a 125cc motorcycle performance and can be switched between a variety of riding modes – energy saving mode for up to 170km of cruising and dynamic mode for everyday travel. The maximum speed of the N-GT can reach up to 70km/h in SPORT mode.

N-GT – NIU Electric Scooter

N-GT is equipped with two Panasonic 60V 35Ah high-performance smart lithium batteries in both the pedal and rear seat and weighs only 11kg. Similar to the M+, it is also equipped with an intelligent battery management system and can protect the batteries in all aspects.

Lastly, N-GT utilizes a V3 CLOUD-ECU intelligent central controller as well, which consists of 32 sensors interconnected synchronously. The N-GT is available in various hybrids of colours including red, black and white. This electric vehicle has a starting price of 4,499 euros.

N-GT – NIU Electric Scooter

Established in September 2014, NIU, a venture capital backed company, has launched two of the world’s most successful crowd-funding campaigns, its N-series that raised $11 million in 2015, and M-series worth $13 million in 2016.