NiuTrans Helps Chinese Online Literature Go International

In recent years, the international influence of Chinese online literature has gradually expanded. It not only has a large readership domestically but also has achieved significant accomplishments overseas. In September 2022, the British Library announced the inclusion of 16 Chinese online literary works such as “My Heroic Husband” and “Great Power, Heavy Industry.” This marks the first time that Chinese online literature has been included in a national-level library in the United Kingdom, indicating an increasing international recognition of Chinese internet literature. These works cover various genres including science fiction, history, reality, and fantasy. They not only showcase the diversity of Chinese online literature but also reflect its profound cultural heritage and contemporary significance.

The overseas dissemination of Chinese online literature is not limited to textual output, but also includes IP adaptations, model exports, and cultural exports. The overseas market has exceeded 3 billion yuan (approximatly $0.4 billion), with a cumulative export of over 16,000 works of online literature and more than 150 million users in over 200 countries and regions. Chinese online literature has become an important carrier for the international dissemination of Chinese culture, promoting the development of nationwide reading and achieving tremendous success in overseas markets.

With the international development of online literature, overseas original web novels have shown a prosperous development. WebNovel has already cultivated around 400,000 overseas web writers, and there is a significant trend towards younger authors. These overseas writers, inspired and influenced by Chinese online literature, have created works that combine Chinese elements with local characteristics.

The cross-cultural dissemination of online literature allows overseas readers to follow updates in real time through online platforms. The high interactivity of online literature gives it a strong vitality. IP adaptations have continued to gain influence overseas, with the transformation from text to film, animation, games, and other media. Chinese online literature is becoming a global cultural phenomenon.

The road of Chinese online literature’s overseas expansion is continuously widening. The application of new technologies, such as AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) technology, is breaking through the traditional limitations of translation and dissemination, enabling online literary works to reach the world on a large scale and with high efficiency. At the same time, the global collaborative model of online literature is also driving the development of the global cultural industry. Overseas writers and readers are connecting different cultures and countries through joint creation, making online literature a bridge between them.

The hosting of the 2nd Shanghai International Online Literature Week has further promoted the exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign internet literature writers, translators, scholars, and enterprises. It aims to share the new achievements in the development of Chinese internet literature and jointly build a new path for civilized communication and mutual learning in the digital age. Through such a platform, Chinese internet literature is showcasing its unique charm to global users while also providing inspiration and opportunities for overseas creators.

In general, the overseas performance of Chinese online literature has shown diverse and comprehensive development trends. It not only promotes the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also gains wide recognition and popularity worldwide. With the continuous development of online literature and the accelerated pace of internationalization, Chinese online literature is expected to become an important force in global cultural exchange in the future.

NiuTrans is an advanced machine translation service that can greatly help Chinese online literature go global. With the efficient and accurate translation capabilities of NiuTrans, Chinese online literary works can be translated into multiple languages faster and more accurately, thereby expanding their influence in the international market. Through NiuTrans, online writers and publishers can more easily promote their works to the international market and attract more overseas readers. This not only increases the global accessibility of Chinese online literature but also provides a new channel for promoting international exchange and awareness of Chinese culture.

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