Nolibox Secures Tens of Millions of Yuan in Pre-A Round Financing From GL Ventures

Chinese media outlet 36Kr reported on Monday that Nolibox, an intelligent design platform, has recently completed a Pre-A round of financing worth of tens of millions of yuan, led by GL Ventures. The funds will be used for expansion of the company’s team, product research and development, design material authorization and user growth.

Founded in 2020, Nolibox is an intelligent design platform based on application requirements and user preferences, which integrates aesthetic principles, design models and artificial intelligence. Most recently, Nolibox has completed two rounds of financing within the past three months.

The founding team of Nolibox has long-term academic experience in intelligent design and man-machine co-creation. Its CEO, Xu Zuobiao, holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Tsinghua University, and has previously led the team to win international design awards such as iF and DIA.

“The public’s demand for beautiful things and designs continues to rise, but the productivity of the current design industry has not kept pace,” Xu Zuobiao said.

According to Boston Consulting, there are about 96.8 million designers in the world, among which there are 1.925 million graphic designers in the Chinese market alone. The agency proposes that the market size totals about 115.8 billion yuan ($18 billion). The scale of Chinese brand marketing market is about 300 billion yuan, including We Media and e-commerce industries, which have developed rapidly in recent years.

Nolibox focuses on the generalization of design, making it easy and convenient for various industries to enjoy enterprise-level design services. At present, the three main products of Nolibox are: an intelligent Logo design platform, “LogoLuck”, for consumers and small-size enterprises, intelligent poster design platform, “NoliPix”, for consumers and enterprises, and “design workshop” for interior and designer groups.

Nolibox’s vision is to create a future-oriented intelligent design platform, deeply integrating cognitive computing, neural maps and data standardization.

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Huang Liming, a partner of GL Ventures, spoke about the industry and its development: “The AI-driven creative industry is an area that we have long been concerned about and optimistic about. The founding team of Nolibox has a background in technology and design aesthetics, and is an excellent team with both ambition and execution. We expect Nolibox to bring more valuable changes to the field of creative design.”