Nreal X and Air AR Glasses Released in China, Priced From 2,299 Yuan

Nreal, a consumer AR glasses brand, held its first AR glasses launch event in Beijing on August 23, formally unveiling three new hardware products for the Chinese market. Among them, two are AR glasses: namely, Nreal X, the world’s first all-in-one AR glasses that explore the infinite scene application of augmented reality technology; and Nreal Air, a brand-new AR glasses product with the best display effects among XR devices, featuring a lightweight and fashionable design and enabling a trendy life of giant screens anytime and anywhere.

Nreal Air is priced at 2,299 yuan ($335) and Nreal X is priced at 4,299 yuan ($627).

Nreal X

Nreal X (Source: Nreal)

Nreal X is a consumer AR glasses product for global developers, pioneering creators and tech tastemakers. It comes with a binocular SLAM camera and RGB camera, a matte material case and a black color scheme. It weighs only 106g, offering both technological appeal and lightness.

Nreal X creates an AR six-dimensional full space based on its self-developed 6DoF (degree of freedom) spatial positioning intelligence algorithm with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). By combining the minimum costs and number of sensors, Nreal X is comparable to high-cost enterprise-class AR headsets in terms of accuracy and stability, and has the first-class full-dimensional spatial perception capability of current XR devices. This allows users to feel real spatial integration, real physical interaction, and explore full-scene AR applications.

Nreal Air

Nreal Air (Source: Nreal)

Nreal Air AR glasses feature an industry benchmark spatial retina display with a 130-inch aerial projection screen and a 201-inch AR sharp color canopy. It supports connectivity with cell phones, tablets, laptops, handhelds, game consoles and other devices, and supports plug-and-play, anytime and anywhere.

Nreal Air weighs only 79g (without the cable and nose rest), making it ultra-light and portable. It adopts a soft braided Type-C connection cable with an original 140° elbow design on the eyeglass ends and ensures sensory-free use after connecting the ends of the temples.

Nreal Air carries the self-developed optical engine 2.0, offering a realistic AR visual experience with its optical see-through feature. The compact size of Nreal Air’s optical engine 2.0 makes the product like ordinary sunglasses.

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In the AR space, the firm launched its first Nreal space interaction system in the Chinese market. Its innovative home interface “Infinite Space Screen” displays content in a ring-shaped giant screen, breaks the exclusive use of traditional apps on cell phones and other devices’ screens, reduces the hierarchy of content acquisition and improves the efficiency of information acquisition.

Nreal Adapter

At the event, the brand also launched its Nreal adapter for the lighting interface, available for iPhone, HDMI interface for game consoles, and an adapter for the Nreal Air glasses 130-inch over-the-air projection mode. This costs 799 yuan.

Nreal will jointly build an AR content ecology along with iQiyi, China Mobile Migu and NIO, and independently develop and customize multiple AR content platforms.

(Source: Nreal)