Nvidia Plans to Mass-Produce China-Specific H20 Chip in Q2

Nvidia is reportedly set to start mass producing AI chips in the second quarter of 2024, specifically designed for the Chinese market. Despite not having officially announced the sale of these chips, the initial output of the China-targeted H20 AI chips will be quite limited, primarily fulfilling orders from large customers. 

Among the trio of AI chips that Nvidia developed to adhere to U.S. export restrictions, the H20 chip boasts the most significant computational capabilities, although its performance is somewhat inferior to the H100. 

Nvidia anticipates its total revenue for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2024 to hit approximately $20 billion. However, Nvidia’s dominant position is threatened by AMD’s AI chip, the Instinct MI300X. The overall AI chip market in 2024 is projected to be worth around $75 billion, and AMD is expected to secure a 10% market share.

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