OKKI AI, under the Alibaba.com, Is Now Online

The global trade SaaS tool OKKI will officially launch its AI version on December 1st. It can assist global trade merchants in writing emails to overseas customers and manage and analyze hundreds of clients with just one click. OKKI AI is open to all industries and focuses on two core capabilities: customer management and decision support. Test data shows that using OKKI AI to polish promotional emails can increase the response rate from overseas customers by 32.12%.

According to reports, OKKI is an enterprise SaaS tool under Alibaba.com, open for use by all global trade companies in the industry. Its positioning is as a “smart workspace for global trade business,” allowing various tasks such as customer management, team collaboration, and data analysis of a global trade company to be completed on one digital platform.

After the launch of OKKI AI, it is equivalent to providing each salesperson with an assistant using AI to help expand and manage overseas clients, allowing every small and medium-sized enterprise to have a data analysis expert to assist in decision-making.

Specifically, global trade salespeople only need to input the company name, product name, and editing content to generate high-quality customer development emails with just one click. At the same time, some experienced for global trade salespeople in the clothing industry may have hundreds of customers that require long-term follow-up and maintenance. In this case, OKKI AI’s series of customer management functions can automatically assist global trade salespeople in handling and summarizing a large number of tedious and error-prone transactional tasks while providing real-time tracking data for decision-making capabilities.

For managers of global trade enterprises, OKKI AI can help them have a comprehensive understanding of the order follow-up status and business progress of their subordinates. For example, it can be used to inventory and analyze various aspects such as the distribution of customers documented throughout the year, trends in customer changes, trends in order proportion (total profit), alerts for potential lost customers, identification of new potential customers, as well as quality inspection reports for team members.

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“AI quotient” has become an important indicator for long-term value and competitiveness in enterprises. OKKI AI, as the core product of OKKI CRM, aims to make the work of salespeople simpler and enable managers to make more reliable decisions.” Yang Yuan, CEO of OKKI, revealed that as early as the end of May this year, OKKI had already started its intelligent upgrade with the goal of enabling small and medium-sized global trade enterprises to be among the first to use AI.

Previously, Alibaba.com has officially launched an AI “Business Assistant” for international platform merchants. It is embedded in the digital global trade chain of Alibaba.com and preliminary test data shows that it can help global trade merchants increase their exposure by 19%. The newly launched OKKI AI is not only available to Alibaba.com merchants, but also to any business that wants to engage in global trade, making it easy for them to start their international business.