OKX and LinkedIn Release 2022 Global Web3 Talent Report

Crypto exchange OKX and LinkedIn have jointly published the “2022 Global Blockchain Talent Report – Web3 Direction,” providing suggestions for enterprises to further grasp the opportunities brought about by Web3, and to deeply understand the blockchain industry and the organizations and talent within it.

As of June 2022, the total number of LinkedIn users claiming blockchain skills had increased by 76% year-on-year. The US, India, China, the UK and Singapore are the top five blockchain countries in terms of blockchain talent. Among them, India and Singapore have a higher growth rate of 122% and 92% respectively, followed by US’s 62% and China’s 12%.

From the perspective of job postings, the demand for talent is mainly concentrated in the US, China, France, India, Germany and other places. It is worth noting that among the top ten blockchain talent countries, the number of related jobs posted in the US, China, India, the UK, Singapore, and Canada all increased exponentially in 2021, showing that demand for talent in the sector is extremely strong.

Analysis of talent composition in the global blockchain field shows that financial talent account for the highest proportion in the field (19%), followed by R&D talent (16%). At the same time, the growth rate of test engineers is the highest, while the demand gap for technical talent is the biggest.

Talent in finance, R&D, business development, information technology and sales lead the global blockchain market, and the most popular sub-occupations are cryptocurrency traders, software engineers, analysts, supporting analysts and account managers. In terms of talent growth, the top five positions with the fastest growth in terms of the amount of talent are test engineers, cryptographic logic technology experts, compliance analysts, designers and supporting analysts.

The human resources director of OKX said: “In April 2022, the number of applicants for Web3 jobs worldwide was 18.8K, and in May it was 18.9K. At present, there is abundant talent in the market, but not many people specialize in blockchain or Web3. There is still a shortage of professional development talent.”

The global average professional experience time among blockchain talent is 1.2 years. LinkedIn’s data show that from 2021 to now, talent mainly cross-flows among blockchain enterprises such as Coinbase, Crypto.com, Gemini and Ripple.

As of June 2022, the proportion of female practitioners in the global blockchain field is far lower than that of male practitioners, with 24% and 76% respectively.

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The development of global blockchain has entered the fast lane, with great development potential and opportunities. At the same time, the blockchain field is also facing challenges from various levels such as organizational development and talents. In this regard, the report suggests that enterprises should adjust their talent strategies in time.