OnePlus 6: New Color Edition Released at $684

Pete Lau, the CEO and founder of OnePlus announced the release of the OnePlus 6 Red in the official OnePlus online community on July 2. Previously, OnePlus 6 was only available in Mirror Black, Midnight Black and Silk White.

OnePlus 6 Red
OnePlus 6 Red. Image Source: OnePlus online community.

The OnePlus 6 Red, same as the previously released OnePlus 6 in other functions and features, is powered with the Snapdragon 845 processor, and is equipped with 16 MP + 20 MP dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor at the back.

The red color choice is an attempt to transmit a spirit of inner confidence and courage, Pete explained in his forum post, as the color is “more elegant, one that leaves a strong impression of quality and value.”

To achieve an amber-like depth and clarity where the shade of red isn’t overly bright, OnePlus used a new film coating process never seen before in the smartphone industry. An evaporated layer of brightening film is also used over the red coating to maintain the brightness and a silver color is used to accent its logo.

As a result of hundreds of tests and trials, the final edition of OnePlus 6 Red is the OnePlus product philosophy and industrial design brought to life.

The OnePlus 6 Red is available for pre-sale starting July 2 and open sales beginning July 10. Customers in North America, Europe, India, and China can find the phone on the OnePlus website, and those in France, Germany, Italy and Spain can purchase through Amazon.

Debuted on May 22, the OnePlus 6 flagship hit record sales of one million units sold within 22 days after the launch – a new sales record in OnePlus history.

Featured Image Source: OnePlus online community.