OnePlus Responds to Heating Problem of Ace Smartphone

Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus released its brand-new Ace series on April 21. However, a heating problem of the device has been widely discussed on social media recently.

According to media outlet “1818 Huangjinyan,” a web user bought a OnePlus Ace smartphone, only to find a severe heating problem while playing games on the first day. After downloading third-party evaluation software, the consumer played the game continuously for one hour, leading the battery and CPU to reach 43.7º and 46.5º respectively. The netizen also provided a video, saying that during the previous day of testing, the battery temperature had reached 44.6º and the CPU temperature had reached 60.4º.

In response to this matter, OnePlus claimed that it is normal for the temperature of smartphones to rise while playing games, and that the temperature showed in the user’s test is within the normal range, not affecting normal use of the device.

According to the official introduction by OnePlus, the Ace smartphone is equipped with a MediaTek 8100 MAX processor. The new device is equipped with supercrystalline graphite covering 4129.8mm², which reportedly improves heat dissipation by about 60%. The phone comes standard with 150W super flash charging, with a thickness of about 8.2 mm and a weight of 186g.

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The Ace model adopts a 6.7-inch 120Hz screen, supporting 1 billion colors, a 720Hz touch sampling rate, a resolution of 2412×1080, and HDR10+ authentication. The price range is 2,499 yuan to 3,499 yuan ($378 – $530).