OnePlus to Launch Two Monitors in India on December 12

After its launch of smartwatches and TV products, the product portfolio of Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer OnePlus is becoming more diversified. On November 30, the brand announced that it will launch two monitors for the Indian market on December 12, with product names X 27 and E 24.

Given the names of these product, it can be deduced that the sizes of the two monitors are 27 inches and 24 inches. Judging from official promotional videos, the front of the two monitors should be printed with a brand logo, and they are not curved hairtail screens, but traditional straight display monitors, in which the X 27 is positioned as a high-end product, while the E 24 focuses on the mid-end market. Therefore, the X 27 may be configured with higher color gamut and resolution, while the E 24 may have to make a slight compromise to become a more cost-effective product.

Detailed specifications of these two monitors have not yet been disclosed. However, considering that OPPO, the parent company of OnePlus, has been strengthening its cross-screen cooperation between products, the monitors of OnePlus should also have some special function optimization on mobile phones and smart display products.

OnePlus TV (Source: OnePlus)

According to a report by Counterpoint Research, after entering the smart TV industry in 2019, OnePlus quickly ranked among the top three smart TV brands in India in the second quarter of 2022, and the company achieved a year-on-year growth of 123% in the first half of this year.

Moreover, OnePlus also announced plans to increase the number of devices that support OxygenOS upgrades from 2023. It will provide four major OxygenOS upgrades and five-year security patch updates for specific phones sold in 2023 and beyond. The company has not yet disclosed which mobile phones will get a longer upgrade period, but the high-end flagship models are likely to be on the list.

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“OxygenOS is an integral part of OnePlus, co-created by our community members,” said Gary Chen, Head of Software Products at OnePlus. “As a user-oriented company, we do everything we can to enhance the user experience. This software upgrade policy is designed in response to changing market dynamics and allows for longer replacement cycles for mobile devices. This new update policy will give users access to the latest security and functional features required to power OnePlus’ signature fast-and-smooth experience throughout the lifetime of the phone.”