OnePlus Watch 2 Exposed in Advance

After three years since the debut of its first smartwatch, OnePlus has finally launched the highly anticipated second-generation product. This time, the tech company promises to ‘do better’.

The OnePlus Watch 2 will be officially released at the MWC exhibition in Barcelona on February 26, 2024. Fans won’t have to wait too long. Currently, details about pre-sale and purchase of this watch have not been announced yet, and are expected to be revealed after the launch event.

From the official teaser image, it can be seen that the OnePlus Watch 2 will offer two color options: black steel and dazzling steel. The naming inspiration for these two colors comes from the sturdy steel base used in the watch, which complements the rounded sapphire crystal surface.

The OnePlus Watch 2 is expected to bring more innovation and upgrades while continuing the classic round dial design. According to previous reports, this watch may be equipped with more comprehensive functions to meet consumers’ diverse needs for smartwatches.

As OnePlus’s second attempt in the smartwatch field, the OnePlus Watch 2 undoubtedly carries high expectations. Fans have high hopes for this new product, hoping that it can further expand the market share of smartwatches based on the excellent reputation already established by OnePlus.

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