Online Design Platform Chuangkit Completes Series B Financing, Kingsoft Office Continues to Invest

On Wednesday, according to 36Kr, Chinese online design platform Chuangkit recently completed a round B of financing worth tens of millions of dollars. Previous shareholders, including Kingsoft Office and Gobi Partners China, continued to make additional investments. This round of funding is targeted for for product R&D, team building and business development.

Wang Baochen, founder and CEO of Chuangkit, said that this round of financing will further strengthen the company’s relationship with Kingsoft Office, especially in aspects such as product R&D, content copyright, enterprise customer development. The cooperation will also help integrate the product and resource advantages of both companies.

Chuangkit was established in 2014. In addition to investment from Kingsoft Office and Gobi Partners, it has also obtained several rounds of investment from Telescope Investment, Atom Ventures and other investors.

Chuangkit focuses on graphic light design. Using design materials provided by the company’s platform such as pictures, fonts, graphics and templates, users can conveniently complete designs such as WeChat official account article headers, posters, leaflets, news pictures, greeting cards, and e-commerce pictures without help from professional designers.

In addition to static pictures, Chuangkit also supports the design of dynamic images such as GIF animation and video, elements that, though small, greatly enrich the marketing efforts forcompany products. The company’s platform helps enrich the API access for business customers and the application deployment for individual users.

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For individual users and small and micro enterprise users, Chuangkit is committed to solving the core problems such as high design costs and few available resources, providing a richer, value-added template materials for tool products. The company aims to help common people achieve higher creative production value by lowering the design threshold, and ensuring the compliance of commercially-used copyrights of enterprises. Moreover, Chuangkit supports SaaS collaboration, aiming to help its customers meet the needs of organizational brand management and asset sharing easily and quickly without relying on complex systems.

On the other hand, for platform-based enterprise customers such as Kingsoft WPS, which mainly need API and PaaS layers, Chuangkit provides simple and fast access to API tokens and supports various enterprise service SaaS platforms. The integration that Chuangkit provides means to quick access to online design functions, and help for customers to complete content production and application quickly. At present, Chuangkit has conducted strategic dialogues with dozens of platform partners such as Baidu, Youzan and Fsxiaoke.