Online Education Company Zuoyebang to Enter Printer Market amid Industry Crackdown

On Monday, employees of Chinese online education platform Zuoyebang revealed that the company is expanding into the printer market and has set up a business arm for developing a printer business with a current scale of about 100 people, most of whom come from traditional printer enterprises such as Canon, HP and Epson.

News emerged two days ago that Zuoyebang is recruiting talents in the printer industry. The internal staff tipster on Monday showed that Zuoyebang has already launched two printers that have found favor among students.

On Monday, media outlet learned from insiders in Zuoyebang that the company held a small media communication activity to show the printer codenamed F1 and will officially unveil it on Wednesday.

Zuoyebang has accumulated technology and faithful users over the years. As early as 2017, Zuoyebang launched the Miaomiao P1 which took printing errors as its main selling point. It has launched a total of six models since then, each of which were widely praised by students.

In recent years, the scale of China’s printer market has expanded year by year, especially since the epidemic began in 2020. The demand for printing within family households has expanded substantially as students and employees both stay home for school and work.

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Although the printer market has matured, most of the existing printers sold by the company were not in conjunction with previous end users. As a well-known educational tech firm, Zuoyebang has extensive scientific and technological capabilities and profound insight in the education field. It is still unknown whether or not Zuoyebang will be able to apply advanced its educational concepts and technologies to the printer market.