Open-Source Community “Linux China” Ceases Operation

On February 1st, Linux China, an open-source community, announced in a post on its official WeChat account that starting from today, the main website, WeChat public account, video account, and the affiliated column “Hardcore Observation” will cease updates and operations indefinitely.

“Hardcore LaoWang”, the founder of “Linux China,” revealed in this farewell letter the reason for the community’s cessation of operation: initially, he hoped to build “Linux China” into a non-profit community that spreads open-source technology. After more than ten years of development, open-source culture and Linux-related open-source technologies have been widely disseminated, and the impact that continued operation can bring is no longer as significant.

He also mentioned that “Linux China” did not develop as originally envisioned due to accidental reasons. Today, the translation team LCTT, which has translated thousands of articles and guided hundreds of people to participate in open source contributions, has become a project that has “truly persisted” for many years. However, with the advancement of machine translation technology, especially with the emergence of ChatGPT, the necessity of translation work has greatly decreased, leading LCTT into a state of “semi-death”.

He stated that his original intention in establishing this website (community) was to spread knowledge and culture, without considering any future profit models, which later led him to reject turning the community into a “commercial website”. In recent years, part of the income source for “Linux” has mainly been writing and publishing articles for advertisers. The hardcore LaoWang frankly admitted, “In the past few years, I have been in a state of chronic economic hemorrhage.”

All the articles published by “Linux China” will be packaged into an e-book during this year’s Spring Festival. At the same time, both the main website and official WeChat account of ‘Linux China’ will remain accessible for a “considerable amount of time”.

Note: “Linux China” is not affiliated with the official organization of Linux, nor does it represent the official Linux (as stated in the original text).

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