OPPO and Alipay Establish A Joint Innovation Lab

On January 11th, OPPO announced the establishment of a joint innovation laboratory with Alipay. The two parties will collaborate on four modules including ubiquitous services, security capabilities, AIGC joint productization, and basic experience optimization to create safe and reliable products and services for users.

According to previous official introductions, OPPO’s ubiquitous services intelligently recommend travel and lifestyle information to users through scene perception. For example, when users take public transportation or subway, it actively recommends the QR code for boarding; in the morning when waking up, it promptly recommends weather information and news updates; while using headphones, important information such as flight boarding or gate changes can be transmitted through the headphones.

Alipay’s participation this time is expected to expand the usage scope of OPPO’s ubiquitous services. Currently, specific details about the cooperation between both parties have not been disclosed.

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