OPPO Backs Chinese Artist to Present ‘Tracing the Sky’ During Manchester International Festival

Visitors are taking photos at “Tracing the Sky”, an artwork created by Chinese artist Liu Jiayu and supported by OPPO. (Source: OPPO)
A visitor is taking photos at “Tracing the Sky”, which is created by Chinese artist Liu Jiayu and supported by OPPO (Source: OPPO)

OPPO joined hands with media artist Liu Jiayu to present her artwork titled “Tracing the Sky” in Distractions, a three-day tech summit that kicked off on July 14 in Manchester, UK.

The event was presented by Manchester International Festival, Sound City and FutureEverything. And the digitalized art installation is presented by FutureEverything and supported by Chinese phone maker OPPO.

Visitors are taking photos at “Tracing the Sky”, an artwork created by Chinese artist Liu Jiayu and supported by OPPO. (Source: OPPO)

Liu is a Chinese emerging artist based in Beijing and London. Her works often circle around nature and the exploration of faith and spiritual strength. Her installation attempts to merge technology with art, transforming an underground hideout into a mesmerizing augmented reality sanctuary using technology.

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The curated space was designed and achieved using cutting-edge technological devices to create new ways for humans to observe and interact with their surrounding environment. By enabling her audience to engage with the installation using smartphones provided by OPPO, the artist is aiming to provoke an emotional response and resonance from the audience with the history and architecture of the space.

Visitors are immersed in the new media art exhibition, a new way to engage audiences using technology. (Source: OPPO)

Technical assistance and other resources, such as the smartphone devices OPPO Reno, Google ARCore, and more, were supplied by OPPO to help bring Liu’s artwork to life. Visitors on-site are able to scan the interior space and match sophisticated architectural points to enjoy an immersive and interactive experience brought forth by augmented reality technology.

Liu uses cutting-edge technology such as OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition to provoke emotional feedbacks from the audience. (Source: OPPO)

OPPO has always encouraged artists to freely create and explore the possibilities of future living. The Chinese phone maker launched an innovative art project this past May named “Reno-vators” to encourage young art students around the world to express themselves through art.

Technological innovation lie at the center of OPPO’s art aesthetics and with the dawn of the 5G, IoT and cutting edge technologies such as 5G, AI, and AR, OPPO will continue to bring together technology, beauty and aesthetics.