OPPO Establishes Intelligent Devices Business Group for 5G Deployment

On Jan. 14, OPPO announced the establishment of the Intelligent Devices Business Group and appointed Bobee Liu (the previous chief procurement office of OPPO), as deputy president of OPPO and president of the Intelligent Devices Business Group, who will report directly to Chen Mingyong, CEO of OPPO.

“The establishment of Intelligent Devices Business Group is a strategic deployment of OPPO for the coming 5G+ era. The group’s mission is to build a multi-entry intelligent hardware network for the future and drive development with multi-intelligent terminals. In this new era, OPPO will continue to expand R&D investment and work on the integration of hardware, software and Internet services to provide users with a revolutionary, simple, and convenient lifestyle with smart technology,” said Chen.

According to Liu, OPPO will focus on easing 5G access by making entry-level products that can establish a 5G connection, and eventually migrate to other IoT products and open platforms to diversify users’ technological experience.

Bobee Liu,  deputy president of OPPO and president of the Intelligent Devices Business Group
Bobee Liu, deputy president of OPPO and president of the Intelligent Devices Business Group (photo source: OPPO)

“In the 5G era, smartphones will remain as the core of the Internet of Everything. Intelligent mobile terminals, together with smartphones, will form a multi-entry network, bringing users comprehensive experiences adaptable to different scenarios,” said Liu.

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The concept of the Internet of Everything originated at Cisco, who defines IoE as “the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.” The more expansive IoE concept includes, besides M2M communications, machine-to-people (M2P) and technology-assisted people-to-people (P2P) interactions.

The new division will also build an open IoT platform to accelerate the research and development of AI and IoT technology, offering an open IoT access protocol, and collaborating with Breeno voice assistant to empower partners and developers.

Breeno consists of 7 modules such as advice, screen recognition, awareness, speed, voice, driving, and space. At the same time, OPPO will launch a new sub-brand named “Zhimei”, which will focus on developing futuristic technologies and lifestyle products. It will provide users with smart life solutions through self-research, cooperative R&D, and selection of products.

The new division will fully integrate resources within the company and industry, and collaborate with other businesses including smartphones, software engineering, and Internet services.

Featured photo credit to 东方IC