OPPO Launches Another Community For Global Art Lovers

OPPO announced the winners of their inaugural awards for their photography community, the OPPO Creators Awards 2019, with several photography lovers selected from thousands across the world. The winners will now receive the support they need to chase their creation dreams.

Winners will not only be funded, but also join the OPPO Photography Talent Program, immersing themselves in capturing moments by learning from world-class photographers. In addition, their artworks will be displayed at the Creators Awards Exhibitions in Shanghai and Amsterdam.

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“Smartphone shooting will be more and more popular as it makes photographer relaxed and easy to capture the most nature and authentic scenes,” grand prize-winner Nan Shan said.

Grand-award-winning artwork by OPPO smartphones
Grand-award-winning artwork by OPPO smartphones (Photo: OPPO)

According to an official statement, the company wants mobile phone users “to record their lives through images, to express themselves creatively, and to ‘See Beyond’”.

This is not the first time that OPPO has built communities to encourage the next generation’s passion for creativity. When the Creator Awards were launched in May, another innovative art project entitled “Reno-vators” also encouraged the submission of artworks from young art students and fans. Using graphic design, video, and audio, the Creators Awards encouraged students to depict what Reno is and what the power of youth is.

OPPO's innovative art project entitled “Reno-vators”
OPPO’s innovative art project entitled “Reno-vators” (Photo: OPPO)

OPPO’s belief is that a smartphone is not just a communication device, but a piece of art, with the latest Reno 10x Zoom edition featuring a notchless display and a distinct wedge-shaped module. When light hits the back of the device, radiant colors, mimicking forests and oceans, start to dance and reflect to create a mesmerizing look.

While OPPO has always valued camera functions and user experience, the company is continuously innovating and exploring the photography field. Evidencing the company’s technological prowess, the Reno 10x Zoom features a triple-lens setup and 10x Hybrid Zoom, giving smartphone users an even more versatile photography experience.