OPPO Launches New Color OS 7- Reno 3 Will be the First Phone With the New OS

At a press conference on November 20, OPPO released their new operation system Color OS 7. OPPO states that Color OS 7 will provide fresh visuals and a more intuitive platform, plus a whole host of smart solutions that will deliver a smoother and hassle-free user experience.

According to Chen Xi, design director of OPPO Color OS, “Color OS 7 is the evolution and refinement of the concept of ‘bordersless'”

In terms of UI, Color OS 7 has changed the icon design and reduced the overall color saturation. The OS also supports user-created icons where size and shape are customizable.

Color OS 7 supports user-created icons
Color OS 7 supports user-created icons (Source: TechNode)

Color OS 7 provides an all-weather dark mode that doubles as an eye protection mode. This will not only give users a better experience, but also reduce the power consumption of smartphones. After testing, a full day of the dark mode can reduce power consumption by 38%.

Product Manager Zhang Yichen introduced the new technical concept of Color OS 7 – UI First. Color OS 7 has improved the overall startup performance of apps by more than 25% through intelligent compilation technology. Through the OPPO intelligent memory optimization, the system RAM utilization has increased by 40%, and the system fluency of multiple apps running simultaneously has increased by 30%.

Reno 3 will be the first to launch with Color OS 7
Reno 3 will be the first to launch with Color OS 7 (Source: ZingGadget)

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OPPO will release the Reno 3 series dual-mode 5G mobile phone in December, which will be the first mobile phone equipped with Color OS 7. On November 25, several models will be launched with Color OS 7, including Reno, Reno Inspirational Edition, Reno 10x Zoom Edition and the Reno Ace.