OPPO Places First in International AI Competition on Mixed Language Sentiment Analysis

One of China’s leading Smartphone-makers OPPO announced on March 19th that it had placed first in Sentiment Analysis for Code-Mixed Social Media Text in Spanish and English at the International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval-2020). The win marks a major achievement for the company that just recently dived into AI research.

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“By creating a wide range of leading technology achievements, OPPO Research Institute aims to empower the broad range of products and services OPPO has to offer and provide users with a more integrated technology experience. We will continue to improve our AI capabilities and make OPPO’s products more intelligent and caring,” said Jack Hao, Chief Speech and Semantics Scientist, OPPO Research Institute.

Sentiment analysis is a technology that enables computers to more accurately and sensitively capture the users’ emotional changes, providing more appropriate responses in products that interact directly with people. Sentiment analysis tools can also analyze massive amounts of data on the Internet to obtain more comprehensive and more valuable statistics, in order to perform better marketing analysis and other tasks.

Not long ago, Tony Chen, founder and CEO of OPPO, announced that his company would invest 50 billion yuan ($7 billion) in R&D over the next three years in the fields of 5G, AI, AR, and big data.