OPPO Releases ColorOS 13 and Smart Cross-End System Pantanal in China

Chinese consumer electronics firm OPPO held its 2022 OPPO Developers Conference in China on August 30, during which it released a new smartphone operating system, ColorOS 13, and the first people-centered intelligent cross-end system, Pantanal.

ColorOS 13

At the conference, OPPO announced that the number of monthly active users of ColorOS has exceeded 500 million. According to the official introduction, inspired by the way water acts in nature, OPPO has introduced a brand-new Aquamorphic Design to ColorOS 13 to create a fluid, vibrant, and inclusive UI. ColorOS 13 features a new theme palette inspired by the changing color of light between sunrise and sunset at sea level, while the screen-off animation can change along with temperature.

ColorOS 13 (Source: OPPO)

ColorOS 13 marks the debut of the firm’s “Dynamic Computing Engine,” OPPO’s system-level technical solutions developed in-house covering four computing engines: parallel computing, high-performance computing, device-cloud collaborative computing and intelligent computing. The official said the performance has been improved by 10%, the game life has been improved by 4.7%, and the maximum temperature while gaming is reduced by 1ºC, which can bring a more stable and smooth user experience.

ColorOS 13 provides a realm of smart privacy features. Based on the on-device algorithm model, Auto Pixelate can recognize and blur out profile photos and names in chat screenshots automatically with one tap.

ColorOS 13 (Source: OPPO)

ColorOS 13 is equipped with an intelligent conference assistant, which supports functions such as joining meetings with one click, transferring subtitles, generating meeting minutes with pictures and texts, and extracting text from pictures. The “Smart Always-On Display” in ColorOS 13 can display information related to music and food delivery apps, giving users quicker access to information and more convenient control over music playback and other functions.

ColorOS 13 is adapted to Android 13, covering four models: the Find X5 Pro, Find X5, OnePlus 10 Pro and Find N in the first batch. Meanwhile, the public beta started after the press conference.


As a smart cross-end system, Pantanal is a part of the brand-new ColorOS 13, which can truly connect different devices of different brands and realize the flow of services with people.

Pantanal provides unbounded collaborative office ability. Data flows freely between different devices. One click can transmit work in smartphone to the tablet, and notebooks can remotely access documents on tablets.

Pantanal supports multi-terminal photo albums. Cross-terminal calls of a device’s computing power and algorithms, such as mobile phones, cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, cars, tablets, and more, can generate wonderful shots by multi-devices with one click.

Pantanal (Source: OPPO)

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Pantanal supports cross-end collaboration and service transfer to create a smart driving experience. It provides automatic unlocking while the driver is close to the vehicle, navigation advice after the driver gets into the vehicle, as well as video call transfers between smartphones and the vehicle system.

Pantanal (Source: OPPO)

At present, many apps in the fields of travel, life and entertainment have cooperated with Pantanal, which will be released in ColorOS in the first half of next year.