OPPO Rumored to Be Testing 240W Fast Charging

A Chinese technology industry blogger said in June that a smartphone manufacturer is attempting to produce a 240W charger, which was in the engineering verification test stage. The blogger confirmed on July 14 that this manufacturer is OPPO.

According to the blogger, the theoretical peak power of the battery designed with two cells and three charge pumps is 300W. At present, the maximum power of USB Type-C interface is 240W. In May 2021, the USB Implementers Forum announced a new fast-charging standard – USB PD3.1. This new standard adds an extended power range, which can increase the power of chargers from 100W to 240W.

In addition, vivo, an OPPO competitor, adopted 200W fast-charging to its phones, considering the heat radiation problem. Although OPPO tested 240W fast charging, its actual strategy is conservative. In the digital blogger’s view, the actual charging speed of OPPO’s new technology is not as good as vivo’s 200W fast charging.

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The vivo smartphone in the blogger’s post is likely the iQOO 10 series, which will be released on July 19. iQOO said its 200W fast-charging technology has undergone 144 hours of rigorous testing, with 24 safety protection measures, and has passed the safety certification of TÜV Rheinland.