OPPO Unveils Updated OPPO Communication Lab in Collaboration with Ericsson

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO on Wednesday said it has upgraded its Communication Lab in partnership with Swedish telecoms gear maker Ericsson for enabling 5G research and development process.

Through the newly-upgraded Communication Lab, OPPO is now able to participate in the entire 5G research and development process, from the underlying RF front-end, to software protocol updates and regional tuning and testing. The advanced communication lab will ensure that OPPO smartphones will implement many of the latest 5G technologies, making OPPO the ideal partner for leading global technology providers and operators as they expand their 5G services.

The new Communication Lab, consisting of three modules — Radio Frequency Lab, Protocol Lab, and Network Simulation Lab, can simulate the 4G/5G networks of different operators and provide communication services for up to 10,000 devices.

The Protocol Lab, jointly established by OPPO and leading testing technology provider Keysight, supports technicians in conducting research related to power consumption, regression testing, and joint new feature testing, helping to drive innovation from different approaches. The lab is currently conducting research related to the upcoming first evolution of the 5G standard, Release 16.

The Network Simulation Lab is a collaboration between OPPO and Ericsson. The network environment is consistent with real urban communications networks, which can simulate the 4G/5G network of global operators and provide communication services for up to 10,000 terminals.

The Radio Frequency Lab can emulate crowded streets and high speed train scenarios, so as to ensure that users can have access to internet under busy conditions.

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Chris Shu, Vice President and General Manager of Product Strategy Planning and Cooperation Center, OPPO, said: “The upgraded OPPO Communication Lab is a new milestone in OPPO’s endeavor in 5G. We are pleased to join hands with Ericsson and Keysight to leverage our experience in 5G standards, products and applications to enhance the 5G ecosystem worldwide”.