Over 15,000 Fans Attended OnePlus’s Pop-Up Events Around the World

Over 15,000 people lined up for OnePlus 6 in 26 cities and 11 countries within 2 days last week, making it the largest pop-up event OnePlus has ever held for a newly launched phone.

One week after the launch of the flagship OnePlus 6 in London, Beijing, and Mumbai, OnePlus hosted pop-up events around the world on May 21 and 22. OnePlus has now been hosting global pop-ups for 4 years in a row, since the launch of the OnePlus 2 in Times Square of New York City in 2015.

This is OnePlus’ largest and most influential global pop-up event ever,

said Pete Lau, the CEO & founder of OnePlus, in his recent comment, “I am humbled and grateful to our global community for their unwavering enthusiasm. They have truly helped OnePlus grow.”

People are lining up for OnePlus 6 in Bangalore, India

Global pop-up events have become a OnePlus tradition and the place for users to get their hands on the latest OnePlus smartphone before it goes up for open sale.

People are lining up for OnePlus 6 in London, UK

OnePlus 6 fans in Germany waited in line for over 17 hours to enter the store while in New York, the first person arrived 11 hours in advance.

People are lining up for OnePlus 6 in Paris, France

“In the beginning, we didn’t mean to sell, but simply wanted to have more touch points to interact with the user,” said Carl Pei, VP & Co-Founder of OnePlus.

People are lining up for OnePlus 6 in New York, USA

Established at the end of 2013, OnePlus focuses on creating premium, superior Android flagships. Unlike traditional smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus puts digital first, focusing on an online sales model. It has operations in 36 countries and regions.

People are lining up for OnePlus 6 in Shenzhen, China