Passengers Can Now Order Takeout While Taking the Chinese High Speed Rail with Alipay Integration

According to recent news, starting July 17th, passengers taking the G and D EMU (electric multiple unit ) trains will be able to make meal orders through the 12306(China Railway Corporation’s official website) and its mobile app. After completing an order on the app, the on-train staff will deliver the meal to the designated passenger compartments and seats, and customers will be able to pay for the meal through WeChat and Alipay.

This is yet another new reform initiative since the launch of the “China Railway Food & Beverage” products last year. Alipay has indicated that passengers would not need to pay with cash, but directly through Alipay and would simply wait for the meals to be delivered to them on the train.

Previously, China Railway Corporation launched a series of “China Railway Food & Beverage” products. These new products were designed based on the consideration of a wide range of factors including different regions, seasons, times, and consumer demands, and were built upon the already existing fast food meals by adding buns, dumplings, noodles and a variety of rich regional characteristics to them. The food varieties expanded from around 300 to over 400 different varieties.

The online ordering service will be available starting July 17th. Passengers taking the G and D trains will be able to make orders through the 12306 website and its mobile app. Furthermore, aside from being able to order the meals offered on train, passengers may also reserve meals from socialized brands along the way. All one would have to do is to follow the prompts on screen and pay with Alipay.

According to personnel from the railway department, the social brands that the railway corporation is hoping to include are restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and other local specialties.

Currently, there are a total of 27 different stations serving as pilot sites for this meal reform. After making an order, the on-train staff will deliver the meals to the designated passenger compartments and seats.

For passengers who purchased their HSR tickets through telephone, at the ticket booth in stations, different agencies, at automatic ticket machines and others, they would also be able to order meals through the 12306 website or mobile app. However, they would need to provide their ticket and contact information when ordering meals online, and the meal costs (delivery fees included) will be calculated based on online ordering regulations.

According to a staff member working at the 12306 hotline, there are currently more than 10 kinds of meals available for ordering: cumin beef combo set, spicy chicken, assorted fried rice, potato beef combo set, noodles with sautéed beef, noodles with Xinjiang style chicken and various stuffed buns with different fillings.


This article originally appeared in iResearch and was translated by Pandaily.

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