Perfect World Reaches Strategic Cooperation With Huawei HarmonyOS, Optimistic About Metaverse

Perfect World, a Chinese cultural and entertainment group, answered investors’ questions on Wednesday during an interactive platform. It said that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Huawei’s operating system, as its self-developed ERA engine will work with HarmonyOS to conduct deeper exploration and layout in the game field in the new 5G era.

Meanwhile, Perfect World said that it was optimistic about the future prospects of the Metaverse. With the company’s solid technical accumulation in online entertainment content output capacity, engine, VR, AR, AI and other fields, it is actively exploring various possibilities of combining current advantages with future technologies in the Metaverse space, and has integrated Metaverse-related elements into the current game development.

Its self-developed ERA engine has maintained a leading level in shading as always. Its advantage lies in its pertinence and forward-looking to the mobile platform. It is an engine built for mobile devices, which meets the needs of the game and introduces a number of edgy designs. It takes PBS (Physically-Based Shading) and GI (Global Illumination) as technical thinking and deeply optimizes the game picture.

After being equipped with the ERA engine, Huawei HarmonyOS system will be more suitable for games developed by ERA engine, and apply distributed computing and shading technology to break the hardware limitation of a single device, provide better game experience, and help the HarmonyOS system demonstrate better game performance.

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In fact, on December 16, 2020, at the Beta release conference of HarmonyOS 2.0 smartphone developers, Huawei HarmonyOS announced its strategic cooperation with Perfect World. The cooperation between the two companies will continue to deepen the technical advantages of both parties, further improve the performance of system graphics display, and help HarmonyOS run at optimal conditions. At the same time, HarmonyOS also greatly improves the efficiency of cross-end application development.