Photos Leak of Li Auto’s New L8 SUV

On June 21, Li Xiang, the CEO of Beijing-based Li Auto, announced the launch of the company’s new flagship SUV, the Li L9, which is priced at 459,800 yuan ($68,023) and will start delivery before the end of August. Recently, another new Li Auto model was exposed, called the Li L8 by many Chinese tipsters. This model is said to be positioned lower than the Li L9, and is also a medium-to-large SUV, which may be an upgrade of the Li ONE.

Judging from a number of spy photos and some leaked information, the Li L8 (codenamed the X02) adopts the same platform design of the Li Auto L9 (codenamed X01), including the design of interior. The model may be slightly smaller than L9 in size, and can be regarded as a scaled-down version of the L9. Its wheelbase is 65mm longer than the Li ONE.

(Source: Weibo)

In addition, the Li L8 still adopts an extended range system, which also has a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender, and the battery capacity is about 40 degrees.

The new car’s overall design is relatively moderate, with a small seam near the front grille. It adopts split headlights, hidden main lights, and a full-width hollowed grille in the front. It also has a front shovel, D-pillar with a forward tilting design, hidden door handles and three-layer wheel brow, and the bottom of the tail section of the window adopts an upward design, which looks more trendy.

The Li L8 is expected to be released this month and was originally scheduled to be mass-produced in October, while a smaller model – the Li L7 – is expected to be produced in small batches in February 2023 and start mass production in April.

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According to the product planning of Li Auto, starting from 2022, at least two new products will be released every year, and pure electric products will be delivered in 2023. In the future, products based on extended-range electric X platform, the high-voltage pure electric Whale platform and the Shark platform will be launched in succession.

According to the latest delivery data for July 2022 released by Li Auto on August 1, a total of 10,422 Li ONE vehicles were delivered last month, up 21.3% year-on-year and down 20.0% from last month (13,024 vehicles). From January to July this year, 70,825 Li Auto cars were delivered.

Shen Yanan, the co-founder and president of Li Auto, said, “The cumulative booking volume of the Li L9 has exceeded 50,000, among which the number of confirmed orders has exceeded 30,000.” According to the official announcement, the Li L9 is planned to start delivery before the end of August. The company has already sent notices to customers with bookings.