Pinduoduo Launches Subsidies for Apple Products, iPhone 13 Price Drops Up to 500 Yuan

Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo on Friday launched subsidies for a series of products Apple released on September 15, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad 9, iPad mini 6 and others. The Apple Watch 7 was not included due to its late launch.

Yesterday evening, the Apple iPhone 13 series began pre-sale through the company’s official website and major e-commerce platforms. Shortly after pre-sale started, the official Apple web page was stuck, and products on platforms such as and Tmall were sold out within 30 minutes.

At a previous press conference, Apple officially announced that the lowest price of its iPhone 13 was 5,999 yuan ($928), while the iPad mini was set at 3,799 yuan. However, after subsidies, consumers eager for the new products can get the iPhone 13 series up to 500 yuan lower on the Pinduoduo platform. Meanwhile, the price of the iPad and iPad mini have been reduced by as much as 300 yuan. Data show that the number of people who have made reservations on Pinduoduo has already exceeded 2 million.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, the platform has prepared sufficient supply for the pre-sale of new iPhone 13 series. However, each Pinduoduo user can only purchase one smartphone during this period. Accounts registered with the same mobile phone or phone number are all regarded as belonging to the same user. Orders placed by different user accounts with the same or similar contact information and receiving address will also be cancelled.

If a user attempts to place more than one order, Pinduoduo reserves the right to cancel the order at its discretion. In addition, participating through abnormal means such as plug-ins may be disqualified.

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Buying lower-priced previous generation products after the new product is released is a money-saving trick favored by budget-conscious shopping experts. The subsidy price of iPhone 12 after receiving coupons on Pinduoduo was only 4,659 yuan, while Apple’s official original price was 5,199 yuan. Taking into account the high price of the newest iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 – with no obvious generation difference – is also a good choice.