Porsche China CEO: the Current Scale of Chinese Market Is Unable to Support Local Production

On November 5th, Michael Kirsch, CEO of Porsche China, stated at the 6th Shanghai Import Expo that currently Porsche’s sales and scale in the Chinese market are not sufficient to support local production.

Michael Kirsch said, “Porsche is a luxury brand, so we will not simply mass-produce. We will pay more attention to personalized options and special needs of customers. As for domestic production, we will continuously monitor and evaluate.”

As early as 2018, Oliver Blume, the former CEO of Porsche and current Chairman of the Volkswagen Group’s Board of Directors, pointed out that “Porsche’s total production volume is not large, and it will be even smaller when divided into various vehicle series. Therefore, producing in China does not meet cost-effectiveness. If a single Porsche model sells more than 100,000 units annually in China in the future, we will also have plans.”

The official sales data released by Porsche shows that in the first three quarters of this year, Porsche’s performance in the Chinese market has been weak, with a total delivery of only 60,700 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 12%.

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