Producer of The Wandering Earth Plans to Build A Chinese Sci-Fi Movie Theme Park

China Film Co., Ltd., the producer of “The Wandering Earth” film series, announced on May 8th that it is constructing a Chinese science fiction movie theme park. The park will offer rich fantasy, adventure, and interactive experiences to visitors. It is situated in Huairou District, Beijing and is adjacent to the State Production Base of China Film.

“Despite the absence of a Chinese film-themed park, certain movies have led to a surge in urban tourism. For instance, ‘If You Are the One’ triggered a tourism boom in Hainan. Similarly, filming locations of popular films like ‘Cliff Walkers’, ‘Hi Mom’, and ‘Full River Red’ have become sought-after tourist destinations in recent years,” stated Fu Ruoqing, Chairman and General Manager of China Film.

The film series “The Wandering Earth,” based on the works of Liu Cixin and directed by Frant Gwo, is a renowned masterpiece in Chinese science fiction cinema. Upon its release, “The Wandering Earth 2” broke 32 records and became China’s highest-rated sci-fi movie. It has now entered the top ten box office rankings in Chinese film history with a revenue exceeding 4 billion yuan ($578 million). The merchandise related to the movie is also highly popular, with over 300 thousand sets of assembled models sold, according to Fu.

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“Movies have always been an indicator of cultural consumption and sometimes a signal for judging economic recovery trends. Due to their attributes as both popular culture and public culture, movies have a strong cross-domain extension. The influence that movies can drive and radiate is not limited to box office performance,” stated Fu.

China Film was founded in 2010 and became publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2016. Despite a year-on-year decrease of 49.79%, it generated revenue of 2.92 billion yuan in 2022, while its net loss decreased by 190.92% to reach 215 million yuan. As of May 6th, China Film had nearly sixty projects under development, including almost forty original ones. In addition to the nineteen works released this year, such as “The Wandering Earth 2”, “Full River Red”, and “Born to Fly,” twenty more are planned for release, including “The Great War” and “Meg 2: The Trench.” Currently, eighteen unreleased works are being produced with an additional twenty-five still under development.

Fu, when asked about the application of artificial intelligence, stated that China Film is actively paying attention to and closely following new technological trends. He added that the iteration speed of AI is too fast and it has progressed from text to images, then from static images to dynamic ones. If all these elements are combined with AI, it will present another state.