QQ Music to Provide in-Car Dolby Atmos Music Services for NIO

QQ Music, a subsidiary of Tencent, announced on August 16 that it will provide in-car Dolby Atmos audio services for NIO. This means that QQ Music will become the first music platform in China to provide in-car Dolby Atmos sound to a partner car brand.

The service will apply to Banyan models equipped with NIO‘s intelligent system, following an OTA upgrade.

The NIO ES7, launched in June this year, comes with the NIO Smart System Banyan, an intelligent system corresponding to the firm’s second-generation technology platform NT2. The NIO super-sensory system, Aquila, and its supercomputing platform, Adam, are components of the Banyan Smart System in terms of in-vehicle intelligent hardware and the entire vehicle computing platform, respectively.

Through the powerful audio system in the car, QQ Music will fully display the charm of Dolby Atmos, providing a better audio-visual experience to NIO owners. At present, QQ Music’s Dolby Atmos feature has songs by popular singers, bands and musicians from all over the world, including Mao Buyi, Zhou Shen, Mayday, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Roddy Ricch and Sia, covering various music genres.

According to official announcements, the cooperation between QQ Music and NIO marks the further expansion of QQ Music’s application scenarios in high-quality music. In the future, QQ Music will continue to expand to more scenarios and partners.

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On July 6, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced it had reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Dolby to launch Dolby Panoramic Sound Music Function for QQ Music. With this, QQ Music became the first music platform in China to support Dolby Panoramic Sound.