Realme GT2 Pro, World’s First Smartphone Using Bio-Based Materials

On Monday, realme held an online event to announce its first high-end flagship smartphone, the GT2 Pro. Instead of releasing the new model, realme only disclosed some key features of the new device.

The GT2 Pro is the first high-end flagship smartphone under realme. The company is currently developing a brand-new and bio-based material that shares the same origin as paper. Bio-based materials are often extracted from renewable raw materials, such as pulp, and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 63%. These materials observe  environmental protection regulations and standards such as those under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

(Source: realme)

Realme’s GT2 Pro is the first smartphone featuring a 150° super wide-angle lens. It is challenging the design concept of the traditional wide-angle lens and is inspired by the fisheye lens. The camera endows users with a much larger perspective of their images. Its visual range area is 20% greater than the industry’s largest ultra-wide-angle lens.

(Source: realme)

Supported by the world’s first ultra-wideband free switching antenna technology, the realme GT2 Pro uses Gigabit ultra-wideband communication through combination, available in 48 global mainstream frequency bands, and covering more than 150 countries and regions.

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Finally, the realme GT2 Pro will make progress in its NFC antenna design scheme by featuring a brand-new omni-directional sensing NFC. The two cellular antennas at the top are integrated with NFC signal transceiver functions and altogether form an NFC 3 antenna array. By doing so, the sensing range expands from the traditional 2D to 3D while increasing the surface area by 500% and enhancing the sensing distance on each side by 20%.