Redmi to Launch K50 Series

On Monday, William Lu, Xiaomi Partner and General Manager of Redmi, said on Weibo that “the Redmi K40 has entered the delisting stage in anticipation of the launch of the K50 series.”

Released in February 2021, the Redmi K40 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor with LPDDR5 plus UFS 3.1 memory chip. Being only 7.8 mm thin, it is equipped with Samsung’s E4 AMOLED straight screen with a high refresh rate and 4520mAh battery.

The upcoming Redmi K50 series will have three different chip versions, namely the Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8000 and Dimensity 9000, corresponding to the Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro and Redmi K50 Pro Plus.

Overseas tipster Sam gave some indication of the prices to expect for these new devices. The brand new Redmi K50 series will include the K50, K50 Pro, K50 Pro Plus and a K50 E-sports version.

The Redmi K50 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor, 67W fast charging, and will retail for 1999 yuan ($314.3) and up. The Redmi K50 Pro will be powered by the Dimensity 8000 chip, support 66W fast charging, and will be priced from 2699 yuan. The Redmi K50 Pro Plus will be equipped with the Dimensity 9000 chip, support 120W fast charging, and will be priced from 3,299 yuan.

The Redmi K50 E-sports will be powered by the Snapdragon 8, support 120W fast charging, and will be priced from 3499 yuan. The E-sports version will be the world’s first to be shipped with a CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor.

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The launch conference of the Redmi K50 series will be held after the Spring Festival. Regarding the specific release time, Lu Weibing revealed that “I originally planned to announce the release time of the K50 today, but it was stopped by the marketing department, saying, ‘Good things are worth waiting for.'”