Rokid Glass T2: Chinese AI Startup Rokid Upgrades Covid-19 Detection AR Glasses In Midst of Pandemic

Fledgling AI startup Rokid has continued to upgrade its portable, lightweight, body-temperature-sensitive AR glasses, the Rokid Glass 2, after its debut in January this year.

In response to China’s rising demand for massive temperature checking equipment, earlier this year Rokid developed an infrared sensor, namely T1, with thermal imaging technology capable of distantly detecting people’s temperatures on the move from three meters. The sensor, along with a camera, can be attached to the glasses frame.

AR glasses Rokid Glass 2 with an infrared sensor T2 (Source: Rokid)

Pandaily learned from Rokid Global Public Relations Manager Linda Wang that the person wearing Rokid Glass T1 (Rokid Glass 2 plus T1) can see the displayed temperatures on a thick monocular attached behind the right-eye lens.

Wang said the company upgraded its infrared sensor system from T1 to T2 in May. She added that the new sensor has faster-detection speed and can take multiple temperature readings simultaneously.

“Rokid Glass T2 can take 1,000 temperature readings within one minute,” Wang said. “It can check up to 10 people’s temperatures at the same time.”

The wearable, contactless, efficient symptom detecting features have allowed it to shine in the fight against COVID-19. Rokid has sold the glasses with T1 or T2 infrared sensors to over 30 countries worldwide with orders reaching 5,000, Wang said. She added that the product had been used in mobile patrons including Argentina airports, Singapore subway, Dubai transportation security department, and others.

In China, since late January this year, Rokid has successively provided a number of AR glasses equipment and corresponding supporting application software to Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou High-Speed Traffic Police Command Center and other agencies in need of massive checking.

Founded by former Alibaba staff Mingming Zhu in 2014 and boasting its pioneering position in smart AR glasses, Hangzhou-based Rokid has completed four rounds of financing. Backed by Singapore state investor Temasek, Credit Suisse, and IDG Capital, the company raised over $15 million with a market value about $700 million, according to Rokid’s website and the information provided by Wang.

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Alongside the symptom detection function, Rokid Glass 2 recognizes 400 kinds of voice commands offline and allows for the connection to mobile phones and computers. Rokid Glass 2 comes with functions such as live broadcast, file-reading, video-viewing, object recognition and many others. Wang said it is currently seeking global distributors and global cooperation to develop application for different industries.

“Right now, our clients are enterprises and government agencies, but we are making products and applications for consumers in the future,” Wang said.