SaaS Company Jinghai Technology Funded by Matrix Partners and Sequoia China

Jinghai Technology, a SaaS (software as a service) solution provider in China, announced on Wednesday that it had completed an angel round financing worth tens of millions of yuan. The deal was led by Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital China. This round of financing will be used for recruitment and R&D.

Established in September 2021, Jinghai Technology is dedicated to the R&D and innovation of professional 3D SaaS products. Bench3D, the company’s core product, is focused on 3D design collaboration and was developed with the idea to provide a “high-precision cloud 3D collaboration space” for all participants in product design R&D teams. The company aims to help design teams with its software by allowing them to achieve faster iteration and safer delivery.

In recent years, documents, codes and visual design have entered the SaaS era. The emergence of various online collaboration tools has brought about a revolution in various fields.

In the field of product design and manufacturing, with the rapid development of emerging industries and increasingly diverse market demands, the conflict between the producing a product and the agility needed to be fast and convenient to use has become more serious as designs become more complex. However, traditional large-scale CAD (computer-aided design) and PLM (product lifecycle management) software are not able to handle the current problems encountered by modern enterprises.

In view of the immense data requirements, complex operating objects and high precision necessary for 3D modelling, Jinghai Technology has launched a SaaS solution for product design collaboration, namely Bench 3D.

Relying on their proprietary, high-performance Web 3D engine, Bench3D enables efficient cross-platform, cross-terminal and multi-role collaboration tools for 3D design.

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The company hopes to apply Bench3D to solve the problems of poor communication and inefficiency in remote collaboration. At present, Bench3D has started synchronous internal testing at home and abroad.